Remember ^_^


A walk to remember

Often, I dream about both of you

We always find happy together

With  a smile that you always show me

I walk through memories of our laughter, sadness, fight and jealousy

I wanna to show you how important that memories

If someday, I can’t remember you

Due to accident or illness

Please forgive me

But my body will remember about you

Always and until my last breath

Someday, I can’t be with you

Please take care yourself

Please smile for them

And continue to walk through our memories

If you sad, feel it

I sit behind you and huge you tightly

Because I always exist in your memories

The memories are my treasure

I always walking to remember you until I arriving the destination, jannah…

I will not saying good bye

I will not disappear from your life as long as you can remember me

I always near you

Although we are far away


ntah nyer?

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